Five Interesting Facts about Fort Lauderdale's Mid-Century Modern Architecture

We know that if you are reading this post, you are most likely seeking furniture and decorative art. However, this info should help make your quest for pieces a bit more fun. Let's get started:

1) The Hours, a psychological film based on Michael Cunningham's novel of the same title, was partly filmed in Broward County to help recreate Los Angeles mid-century design and architecture.

2) Fort Lauderdale's mid-century modern architecture features different types of roofs, of which the butterfly type is probably the most unique. It wasn't widely adopted, however. While a taller roof helps with air circulation, larger side walls trap a lot of heat. 

3) In Broward County, there's a large stock of Mid-Century apartment and condo buildings. A distinct feature is external staircases with irregular, hollow block balustrades that facilitate air circulation while blocking the sun.

4) An asymmetrical facade is typical of the style, and it's a signature element of postmodern contemporary architecture. You should feel proud your good taste endures!

5) In 2012 the City of Fort Lauderdale commissioned an architectural review to help with historic preservation efforts. The city is committed to helping preserve our mid-century heritage. You can download the guidelines at

I hope you enjoyed this piece.


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