Beyond Knoll-Style Sofa

I admit it. Florence's Knoll sofa (NOT in the picture) is a masterpiece. It's practical, simple, elegant, and even somewhat ergonomic. The problem I have is that it's become almost cliché. The Knoll has inspired countless adaptations, and it does have its purpose. It's safe design, and therein lies the problem. If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for something unique.

I invite you to break the square and rectangular molds. If you live in a mid-century home or apartment, you probably have plenty of lines to begin with. Why not go with curves or modulate the linearity with something swankier? Why not go for pieces featuring curved seatbacks and armrests?

Consider what the Saratoga sofa by Folke Ohlsson could do for your living room. While loyal to the linear form, curves on the outer edge add a very sensual touch. Fabric cushions project lightness and comfort at the same time. It's a relatively bold piece to add to your living room. With a width of just 75 inches, it doesn't require an unusual amount of space. Come check it out at our showroom at 4316 North Dixie Highway, Oakland Park, FL. We'll gladly send you additional pictures.

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